2D PlaxFlow 

2D Geotechnical Groundwater Flow Analysis Software

We all know that taking groundwater flow into account in your geotechnical, environmental, and hydrological engineering projects is critical. Go beyond the default options of steady-state groundwater flow analysis of PLAXIS, with the PLAXIS 2D PlaxFlow add-on module. Perform time-dependent groundwater analysis and simulate the unsaturated, time-dependent, and anisotropic behavior of soil, as well as simultaneously calculate changes in pore pressures and deformation by performing a fully-coupled flow-deformation analysis.

2D Dynamics

2D Geotechnical Dynamic Modeling Software

Analyze the effects of man-made or natural seismic vibrations in soil with PLAXIS 2D Dynamics. Perform dynamic analyses in a user-friendly, efficient, and accurate way regardless of the vibration source or scale. Accurately calculate the effects of vibrations with a dynamics analysis when the frequency of the dynamic load is higher than the natural frequency of the medium. PLAXIS 2D Dynamics is an add-on module to PLAXIS 2D. Low-frequency vibrations can normally be calculated with a pseudo-static analysis by default available in PLAXIS. However, for more advanced seismic analysis, choose the PLAXIS 2D Dynamics module.

2D Thermal

2D Geotechnical Thermal Modeling Software

Integrate thermal analysis seamlessly with PLAXIS 2D Thermal add-on module. PLAXIS is equipped with specialized capabilities to deal with changing soil properties due to temperature change, enabling engineers to anticipate and react to potential stability issues, such as foundation challenges in arctic areas. When the effects of heat flow on the hydraulic and the mechanical behavior of soils and structures need to be taken into account in geotechnical designs, you can count on PLAXIS. Plus, if you need full thermal-hydro-mechanical coupling, the PLAXIS 2D PlaxFlow module is exactly what you will need.