Monopile Design Software

PLAXIS MoDeTo CONNECT Edition is the most advanced application for designing monopile foundations. With PLAXIS MoDeTo you can significantly optimize the designs for your monopile foundation project and lower steel, fabrication, transportation, and installation costs.

PLAXIS MoDeTo uses the most advanced and innovative method for designing laterally loaded monopiles - The Pile Soil Analysis (PISA). This method is the industry’s best practice for developing current and future generation offshore wind farms, and through it PLAXIS MoDeTo addresses many of the shortcomings of other design methods for construction in the offshore wind turbine sector.

PLAXIS MoDeTo is fully interoperable with PLAXIS 3D and can be used either as a stand-alone application when defining the soil reaction curves (rule-based design) or with the most advanced and widely used geotechnical software solution when extracting them numerically from 3D FEM models (numerical-based design).